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Halley is located on the
edge of the Weddell Sea

This is the story of my time working as a Data Manager and VLF Engineer for the British Antarctic Survey at Halley Research Station (7535' S, 2639' W) - the UK's most isolated outpost. I left the UK in Noveber 2005, completed two winter seasons in Antarctica, and returned to the UK via South Africa in March 2008. I missed trees and hills but enjoyed skiing, kiting, people and the aurora. Sometimes I even did some science.
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Winter 07
  Ice Radar
  Snow Pit
  Z or Dead
  Back Outside
  Stuck Inside
  Rumples Trip
  Rocky Halley
  Sky Show
  Cold Hot
  Stony Berg
  Alone Again
Summer 07
  Field Work
  84 South
  Ice Forms
  Trip Ctd.
  Rumples Trip
  Penguins III
  Pub Crawl
  Penguins II
  Penguins I
  Melt Tank
  Club Nido
  Trip I
  Off Base
Sailing South
  South Georgia
  FI to Signy
  Birds & Bergs
Saying Goodbye
Getting Going
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