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Oh well, spent much of Friday off work heading to Cambridge in the crushing heat of my never cool Clio. I'm not fond of the A40, not fond of the M40, not fond of the M25, not fond of the M11 and not fond of Cambridge's repulsive ring roads. Worse, the radio's broken leaving me with only three CDs to time my baking in endless queues. Driving, I suspect, I shall not miss. I am not fond of driving.

At the end of my trail, the house I'd hoped for wasn't any of the houses I saw. I shall keep looking for something, a decent place is bound to turn up eventually. In a few days I could be back on the roads but will pack more music and wear a pair of shorts.

Cheltenham on a sunny day I will miss, windy winding walks covering Cleve Common. Packing in views of the Malverns, Cheltenham, the Severn Valley, sheep, (lunatic) golfers, burial mounds and Winchcombe. Finished off with lunch at the Rising Sun with views to the Black Mountains.
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