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This week I've been at Conference, a gathering BAS has for all the people going South with them over the coming season. This means I've now met all of the people who'll be wintering with me (and a fine bunch they are) -- with the exception of people already on the base and waiting for us to come in. It's been a very busy week, packed with talks about everything BAS does, what we can expect, wear, eat, see, and all the hard work we'll end up doing.

It's also the shipping deadline for my personal effects. Putting together the things I'll want and packing them into a not very large box is probably the most tangible indication that I'm soon off somewhere very remote. There will be no Toy Shops there.


And, because the ships are about to be filled with their cargo, I've ordered the alcohol supply for my first winter (the ten months after the ship leaves).

  • 9 cases of Real Ales
  • 1 case of larger
  • 4 bottles of fizz
  • 32 bottles of red wine
  • 7 bottles of white wine
  • 1 bottle of Scotch
  • 4 bottles of Port
  • 3 bottles of assorted spirits (for Cocktails...)

Next this week I have some first aid training, which threatens to be slightly gruesome in parts. After that I'm off to Derbyshire for field training.

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