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Summer 07
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The sun's gone entirely now. My last glimpse of anything firey was on Tuesday the 2nd of May, although that was probably only a miraged view of the sun -- by rights we shouldn't have seen it at all. Still, not complaining. We celebrated officially a little earlier, on the Saturday before, when Liz lowered the tattered flag and we followed with an evening of Antarctic-themed cocktails. I'm not exactly sure what was in any of them, but the grown-up milkshake (grifter lifter) was very moresome.

Now that the sun's away we still have a good few hours of twilight in the middle of the day, although it's been a little too windy of late to go out and enjoy it much. I tried a spot of kiting during a brief lull, but the surface has been ripped apart and has foot-high hard keels of snow waiting to trip me over. Worth trying, but not as much fun as it should have been.

I've been on cook again, this time for a Thursday so that Nichola could have a day off. I opted for pizza-bread lunch and Bolognase for dinner, with garlic bread and Angel Delight. All very well received, and I had an excuse to relax while baking a few loaves of bread the night before. All in all a good bit of pottering about.

Pizza Breads
Pizza Breads

Laws in blowing snow
Laws in blowing snow

And, if you've been wondering what I actually do down here, I've turned one of my recent bits of work into an article for

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