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Cambridge is a lovely city, it is full of interesting people, pretty colleges, rivers and pubs. It is flat, so easy to cycle through and around (tourists in the way excepted), although less easy to ride to work in when the bicycle has holes in its wheels, especially those discovered Very Early in the Morning (well, I say Very Early, perhaps Shortly Before I Might Be Late For Work, is more correct). Not to worry, though, it takes just as long to drive to work as to cycle (and affords a Magnificent View of Kings from the Back). Except that plan, too, is scuppered by drooling inconsiderate subhuman neo-dolts with only the basest conception of the difference between bare tarmac and bright yellow lines, and perhaps an inflated idea of the sideways locomotive capabilities of the common or garden Clio. Worse still, they'd left their handbrake on so unparking Paris style led only to the sound of groaning bumpers.


Idiot Exhibit A
Idiot Exhibit A

Idiot Exhibit B
Idiot Exhibit B

Idiot Exhibit C
Idiot Exhibit C

Idiot Exhibit D
Idiot Exhibit D

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