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The last fews days of the sun rising above the horizon are upon us. Over the weekend we expect to see the sun for the very last time. We can't be certain exactly which day that will happen, though. The sun might rise behind a cloud then descend again, unseen. Or it might be that good miraging conditions let us glimpse the sun as seen fifty kilometers further North, giving an extra day of direct light. Until we've not seen our star for a day or two we just can't be sure.

This week has seen very good weather, with few clouds in the sky and low winds, so we have enjoyed what little of the light is left. First we're treated to magnificient slow sunrises. First the horizon is ringed by gentle reds, then higher up dusky yellows. The sun then melts into sight, shimmering and stretched into the shape of hot iron bars. Finally it rises away from the earth and hovers along a low line until, an hour or two later, it merges back into the coastal mist and melts away.

Next week will be the start of our long night, but for a few weeks the sky will glow a deep red around lunchtime, so we'll still be able to go out and play...

Sunrise behind the BART
Sunrise behind the BART

Detail of the miraged sun
Detail of the miraged sun

Iced up signpost
Iced up signpost

The Laws floating on a lake of mist as the sun glides past
The Laws floating on a lake of mist as the sun glides past

Shadows at noon at ninety degrees
Shadows at noon at ninety degrees

Sun beind the Laws
Sun beind the Laws

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