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The first major part of my journey (aside from fun form filling) is a few months in Cambridge where I'll learn about the systems deployed at Halley, get to know the people I'll be working with (both in England and at Halley), while remaining a little excited about the whole thing.

Cambridge is, though, not a good commute from Cheltenham, so living there is essential. To that end, I'm hunting houses (ssssh!). I might have found one that seems reasonable, and I'll be off to look at it on Friday. Hopefully it will turn out to be right, and my poorly car can be saved any more trips across the country. Houses are houses, though, and prone to confuse and confound, so the first part of this saga might go on for longer than really necessary.

I'm something of an avid reader, and for the time being I'm avoiding books about the polar regions, its explorers and its history as I expect I'll have both plenty of time, and plenty of books, available once I get myself there. I'm being a bit bad, though, and rereading my HP Lovecraft, scaring myself silly in the process. Any lapse into an archaic style should be excused, modern service will probably resume shortly...
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