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Built Listening to the Grateful Dead (link) I like the music of the Grateful Dead and because of their enlightened copyright policy regarding live taped shows I am able to listen to a huge collection of their music. This site holds a large archive of shows in digital format.

Other Dead Sites
Grateful Dead Song Finder
The DeadLists Project
David Dodd's Excellent Annotated Lyrics Site
The Official Grateful Dead Site
Etree Now (link) My attempts to create a safe musical haven led me to these people. 10,000 people who like to share the sounds around while respecting artists' copyrights. This is my main source for Phish and Grateful Dead music.
Project Galactic Guide (link) I am a great fan of Douglass Adams and enjoyed the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy so much that I decided to help write a real version of it. This site has a large archive of funny yet informative articles to amuse you during long lonely nights.
PGP Now! (link) PGP provides a very strong form of encryption to anyone who wants it. As I am not a criminal I don't really have much use for it, but the ability to verify my identity using the signing features is in my opinion much more important. The PGPi software package is easy to use and free for non commercial use.
Oxford Lifesaving (link) Oxford University Lifesaving Club exists to teach members of the university how to save a person's life. You can't get better than that really. It also enters teams into competitions and organises wild social events.

Other Lifesaving Sites
Official RLSS Site
BBC 999 Lifesavers
Do something amazing today! The National Blood Transfususion Service relies on voluntary donations of blood to maintain adequate supplies for the National Health Service. Anyone who is fit, healthy and between the ages of 17 and 60 can become a blood donar. For the record, I have O negative blood, which makes me your friend if you ever have an accident as that makes me a universal donar.

Sites which I maintain

  • SCUG - The Oxford Student Computer Users' Group
  • Stuff that I sometimes do


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