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This is a distilled version of about 75% of the content of the internet. Small home pages, frequently on Geocities, which have no content and only confuse the reader as to the identity of the author.

Welcome to My Generic Homepage!!!!!!!

Yes, this is my miserably home on the web. Isn't technbology great. Who needs bandwidth when you can do terrible things like this to confuse search engines.Here you can find nothing whatsoever of interest about me because all of the personal information is either too hard to read against my generic background or because I never update it. This bit of my page can even blink so you'll never be able to read it!!

Here is the bit where I have a link to one of my friends who can actually write HTML

And over here you can link to some sites I think are COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

I've even (c) this page to me 1999, 2000 and for ever after, there's nothing on it though so no one cares.


If I was feeling really anal now, I'd also include a huge list of sites which never gets updated, massive pictures of my pets taken with our free digital camera and a counter so that I can feel depressed by the small number of people which come and visit me, in fact, I'll put one here: see if I can draw then.

Anyway, this was part of Alex Gough's Evil Empire


This generic home page was written some time ago so really shoud be modified to include the following:

  • Even more broken links
  • A link to Google
  • A 'rant' or generally disagreeable moral position
  • Some animated gifs copied from another site so that the anti-aliasing to the page background no longer works
  • A piece of copied Javascript which does not function correctly or is unecessary
  • Links between frames with incorrect target="..." flags
  • A webring
  • Thousands of photographs taken with a digital camera which have not been manipulated to improve display/download time
  • An 'ironic' webcam pointing at a patch of brickwork
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