Old Orleans

  • (01865) 792718
  • Threeways House, George Street (map of this place)
  • OX1 2BJ

Kake, 23 Apr 1998

I've also been to Old Orleans since turning vegan (but before I set this site up) and I agree with Hannah (below) that it's a good place to go. I can't remember what I had, but it was something on the menu with the sour cream left out. I asked for a portion of guacamole (yes, their guacamole is vegan) instead, and they were happy to substitute this. The only downside of this restaurant is that it's somewhat expensive.

Hannah, 23 Apr 1998

The menu didn't look too hopeful, but when I asked they were very helpful. They said I could have the Bean Chilli which was on the menu, or otherwise they could do Vegeburgers with Stirfry Vegetables. Or otherwise, they could do the Fajitas without the sour cream or cheese.

I had the Fajitas and my friend Cathy (who is also vegan) had the Vegeburgers. Both meals were really good. We didn't really ask too closely if they were cooked in vegetable oil, etc. though, so I wouldn't like to say for sure. Still, I thought it was nice that they were so helpful, given that it's not the kind of place you'd expect to do particularly well on the vegan front.

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