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  • 5 Girdlestone Road (map of this place)
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  • Sun-Thur 5:30pm-midnight, Fri-Sat 5pm-midnight. Open every day of the year except Christmas Day.

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Kake, 10 May 2001

Nawabi is a pure takeaway; no restaurant facility. Unfortunately, like a large number of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants in the UK, their food is practically drowning in oil. I asked them once to make our takeaway with as little oil as possible, but this had no detectable effect.

Still, the greasiness doesn't overpower the flavours here too much, especially if you pour off the excess oil before serving. The Sarsoo Baigan (aubergine in a thick spicy sauce, £4.75) is richly-spiced and meltingly tender. The Sak Dall (lentils with spinach, £2.40) is of the style where the spinach is very finely-chopped and mixed in homogeneously. It's not too thin, and has a good texture and flavour, with some of the lentils keeping a recognisable shape and soft bite. The Bhindi Bhaji (okra, £2.40) comes in fairly large pieces, not overcooked, with some nice fresh tomato and good spicing.

The vegetarian choices are pretty extensive, and those without obvious dairy can easily be made vegan, though I've not checked out the starters yet. A good meal for two will cost you about £12-14, depending on how many dishes you order. Poppadoms and a small salad come free with your order.

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