descriptionClone of the TEMPer USB Thermometer using a Digispark + DS18B20
ownerJonathan McDowell
last changeFri, 13 Jul 2018 17:20:25 +0000 (18:20 +0100)
2018-07-13 Jonathan McDowellRemove unused read_temp() function master
2018-07-12 Jonathan McDowellSwitch state machine transitions to increment
2018-05-10 Jonathan McDowellPoll temperature on a 10s basis
2018-05-10 Jonathan McDowellDo USB disconnect/reconnect dance before initialising USB
2018-05-10 Jonathan McDowellAdd w1_read_bit() to improve waiting for result
2018-05-08 Jonathan McDowellReset 1-Wire state if we get a USB reset
2018-05-03 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial temperature reading via DS18B20 device
2018-05-03 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial 1-Wire support and use it for the USB serial #
2018-05-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial TEMPerV1.2 clone skeleton
2018-05-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd skeleton usbconfig.h for Digispark
2018-05-01 Jonathan McDowellAdd basic Makefile targeting Digispark
2017-12-21 Jonathan McDowellUse existing OSCCAL as starting point for calibration
2017-12-21 Jonathan McDowellMove to micronucleus assembly for OSCCAL calibration
2016-12-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd .gitignore file
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellInclude usbdrv.h in osccal.c for usbMeasureFrameLength...
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellAdd license file (GPLv3)
12 months ago master