descriptionMQTT/ARP daemon for announcing presence of specified MAC addresses
ownerJonathan McDowell
last changeSat, 12 Feb 2022 17:58:25 +0000 (17:58 +0000)
2022-02-12 Jonathan McDowellAdd missing debian/source/format indicating we're a... main
2022-02-09 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial Debian packaging
2022-02-09 Jonathan McDowellAllow CC/CFLAGS/LDFLAGS to be overriden in Makefile
2022-02-09 Jonathan McDowellAdd a basic install target to the Makefile
2020-09-23 Jonathan McDowellFix option parsing on some platforms (e.g. ARM)
2018-09-18 Jonathan McDowellAdd
2018-09-15 Jonathan McDowellAdd a .gitignore to ignore build items / editor files
2018-09-14 Jonathan McDowellAdd basic config file parsing
2018-09-13 Jonathan McDowellFix setting of default options
2018-06-11 Jonathan McDowellSilently drop RTM_DELNEIGH/RTM_GETNEIGH messages
2018-06-06 Jonathan McDowellFix alignment when parsing Netlink messages
2018-05-31 Jonathan McDowellAdd support for clean shutdown via SIGTERM
2018-05-30 Jonathan McDowellAdd command line parameters for MQTT username + password
2018-05-30 Jonathan McDowellFix MAC address command line parsing
2018-05-23 Jonathan McDowellAdd command line parsing of options
2018-05-23 Jonathan McDowellAdd a basic Makefile
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