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ownerJonathan McDowell
last changeSun, 27 Jan 2019 12:13:57 +0000 (12:13 +0000)
2019-01-27 Jonathan McDowellAdd basic master
2019-01-27 Jonathan McDowellUpdate Makefile to add additional configuration defines
2019-01-27 Jonathan McDowellSwitch NTP to update hourly rather than only wifi connect
2019-01-26 Jonathan McDowellUse system esptool to build ROM bin file
2018-09-04 Jonathan McDowellAdd support for UK daylight savings time (GMT/BST)
2018-09-04 Jonathan McDowellRemove espmissingincludes.h - no longer needed with...
2018-09-03 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial OTA upgrade support
2018-09-03 Jonathan McDowellUpdate for SDK 2.2.1 with system compiler
2018-04-03 Jonathan McDowellUpdate Makefile to link 2 separate ROMs
2017-02-11 Jonathan McDowellExtend time parsing to include the date rather than...
2017-02-10 Jonathan McDowellUpdate NTP code to use DNS rather than hard coded IP
2017-02-08 Jonathan McDowellInitial check-in of ESP8266 / MAX7219 NTP backed LED...
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