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ownerJonathan McDowell
last changeMon, 21 Sep 2020 20:18:57 +0000 (21:18 +0100)
2020-09-21 Jonathan McDowellResubscribe to MQTT prefix when reconnecting master
2020-09-21 Jonathan McDowellAdd periodic uptime information to MQTT listener
2018-09-04 Jonathan McDowellAdd a README
2018-09-04 Jonathan McDowellAdd mqtt-power showing integration with MQTT via Python
2018-06-03 Jonathan McDowellMove the repeat count to a #define and bump to 10
2018-05-30 Jonathan McDowellTrack the requested state so we can return it when...
2018-05-29 Jonathan McDowellUse serial number as base address + report in USB descr...
2018-05-29 Jonathan McDowellAdd a wait before sending via the 433MHz transmitter
2018-05-28 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial 433MHz / USB Relay code
2018-05-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd skeleton usbconfig.h for Digispark
2018-05-01 Jonathan McDowellAdd basic Makefile targeting Digispark
2017-12-21 Jonathan McDowellUse existing OSCCAL as starting point for calibration
2017-12-21 Jonathan McDowellMove to micronucleus assembly for OSCCAL calibration
2016-12-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd .gitignore file
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellInclude usbdrv.h in osccal.c for usbMeasureFrameLength...
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellAdd license file (GPLv3)
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