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summary='Indian restaurant on Cowley Road.'
postcode='' summary='Indian restaurant on Cowley Road.'

Kake, 2 Mar 1998

This is quite a way down the Cowley Road, at number 186. It specialises in Indian / Bangladeshi cuisine, and has a separate vegetarian menu.

The staff are very helpful - they were happy to go through the menu and point out what was vegan, and they seem to know what they are talking about. They were careful to make sure that I knew the naan my companion ordered contained milk products.

A two-course meal for two (with two starters, two main dishes, two side dishes, one portion each of rice and naan, and two pints of lager) came to 28.15.

I had a mushroom puri (mushrooms with fried flat bread) for my starter, and it was delicious. My main course, chickpeas in a lentil puree, was a little too sweet, and the side dishes of aubergine and cauliflower bhajee tasted a bit samey. The cauliflower was well-cooked, though the aubergine was too greasy.

Very friendly and helpful, though the food was good without being anything special.

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