2017-01-14 Jonathan McDowellFix serial number retrieval from EEPROM master
2017-01-14 Jonathan McDowellUse existing OSCCAL as starting point for calibration
2017-01-14 Jonathan McDowellMove to micronucleus assembly for OSCCAL calibration
2017-01-10 Jonathan McDowellUpdate README.md for Digispark support
2017-01-02 Jonathan McDowellChange to target Digispark board
2016-12-05 Jonathan McDowellFix spelling of Kagaku in git links
2016-12-03 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial Riso Kagaku Webmail Notifier ATTiny clone
2016-12-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd .gitignore file
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellInclude usbdrv.h in osccal.c for usbMeasureFrameLength...
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellAdd license file (GPLv3)
2016-05-18 Jonathan McDowellInitial import of V-USB as base