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Helen, 18 March 2008

This is now called Wok and Roll, and I'm told it's been renamed several times in recent years. I really enjoy the set menus here which I believe are Monday - Thursday, with a more varied menu on Friday and Saturday. I love the sweet chilli beancurd which is basic but tasty and the price is good. I think it's 5 for the set lunch and 6 for the set dinner (same menu). I'm not certain of these prices but it's certainly in that sort of range.

The vegetable spring rolls are also tasty.

Huw Price, 8 May 2002

Wok 22 seems to have been renamed Wok 23 for some unknown reason. Staff told me that all their 'vegetarian dishes' were vegan, except aubergine in black bean sauce, aubergine in chilli bean sauce and mixed vegetables in chilli coconut sauce. (I didn't ask why these were non-vegan.) I think you might be able to take your own wine.

Kake, 22 May 2001

This is a nice, fairly central Chinese takeaway and restaurant. The restaurant area is upstairs, with views over the churchyard and the bottom end of Woodstock Road. It's very, very nice in Spring and early Summer, though it does have a tendency to get somewhat overcrowded The background music is no longer constant Fox FM, but now has added Abba.

Lunch in the restaurant is from a set menu - the vegetarian one with as many choices as the non-vegetarian one - and costs a very reasonable £4.95. For this you get a choice of starter (vegan options include garlic-and-chilli deep-fried beancurd or mushrooms) followed by a choice of one main dish served with boiled or fried rice, all accompanied by a soft drink, coffee or Chinese tea. I had beancurd with vegetable as my main course, and it was very nice. My only quibble is that it is served already plated up, with the rice in a heap on the side, and you don't get a rice bowl, so you can't put the sauce from the main dish on top of the rice (and eating off a plate with chopsticks is silly).

Kerry, 9 May 2001

This great Chinese takeaway used to be called Friends. There is loads of choice. My favourites are Mushrooms with Chilli and Garlic Dressing (£3.80) and Beancurd in Hot Bean Sauce (£3.60), although I think the prices might have been increased slightly since I last went.

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