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address='108 Walton Street'
category='Indian Food,Restaurants,Takeaway,Takeaway Delivery'
address='Walton Street'
category='Indian Food,Restaurant,Takeaway,Takeaway Delivery'
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postcode='OX2 6AJ'
website='' summary='Indian restaurant on Walton Street.'
website='' summary='Indian restaurant on Walton Street.'

Anonymous, 26 October 2003

Takeaway delivery is £1.99.

Kake, 4 Apr 2001

Jamal's is a large Indian restaurant on Walton Street, popular with college boat clubs and the like. They do seem to be aiming more upmarket these days, though - they've stopped doing draught lager entirely and only serve bottles. It's probably wise to book a table here, since it fills up very quickly, even early in the evening.

The vegetarian selection is somewhat limited - my recommendation for a lone vegan among meat-eaters is to order the vegetable thali, which gives you a selection of vegetable dishes served with rice and chapathi (thin flexible bread). It comes with yogurt sauce (dahi), but you can ask them to leave this out. It also comes with pilau rice by default, which I find a bit oily in combination with the other dishes, so asking for plain rice instead might be wise.

Jamal's have recently started offering takeaway delivery; I think they charge a pound for this, but I could be misremembering.

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