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Kake, some time in 1999

That's not a typo. This pub is called The Pub. What a good idea. I wonder why nobody else has thought of it.

A new menu has been launched recently. Food is served from "12 till late", though after 3pm the only food available is from the "Beer & Burger" menu, on which a vegeburger in a bun with chips is priced at 3.00, or you could have an extra burger for 1.00 more, or a pint of any lager, beer or cider for 95p more.

The vegeburgers are Brake Bros' Spicy Vegetable Burgers, which the UK [Vegan Society]?'s [Animal Free Shopper]? tells me are vegan. I haven't tasted them yet, though.

You can also get a Chip Butty (fairly edible, on white sliced bread, chips cooked in vegetable oil) for 150 - make sure you ask them not to put the little packets of butter on the plate.

They do at least the Lemon and Apple flavours of Hoopers' Hooch (vegan according to the Animal Free Shopper).

There are lots of murals on the walls of this pub, including an amusing one of the Spice Girls in the style of a Smirnoff advert. It's full of students and made me feel like an undergraduate again (drunk and rowdy with an itchy cashpoint card). I think that is a recommendation.

The Irish barmaid (sorry, I don't know her name) was incredibly friendly and helpful when I asked her about the vegan menu options. However, a friend has told me of a bad experience here; their food took two hours to arrive, and one of the bar staff was "downright offensive" when asked what had happened to the order.

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