The Mill House, Abingdon

  • (01235) 536645
  • The Bridge, Abingdon

Kake, 18 Oct 2000

Food served all day. Vegetable and bean chilli is vegan, and costs 5.45 on its own (served with rice and tortilla chips - make sure they leave out the cheese and sour cream), 4.25 served on a jacket potato, and is also available in a baguette. You can also get a jacket potato with beans for what I expect is probably the same price as the chilli one. The chilli isn't bad but is too salty. It does have at least three different types of beans, and what look like real chillies. The rice is moist and well-cooked, but the tortilla chips are, again, salty, and could well have come straight out of a packet. The jacket potato tastes microwaved. Service is friendly and helpful, though. Toilets are very nice, with an ornate chair and a full-length mirror. A reasonably-priced, fairly posh but unpretentious pub. Probably less pleasant in the evenings, but very nice indeed at 4pm on a Saturday.

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