The Crown

Kake, 10 Apr 1998

This is on Cornmarket, down a little alley by the side of McDonalds. It's a great pub; though we all miss John the Irish landlord, George's cheerful "Alright, pal?" is guaranteed to make you feel welcome. The new menu launched here recently is definitely an improvement on the old one, and of course there's the bonus that food is served all day, from (I think) noon to (I know) 8pm.

The only vegan meal you can get here is a Tomato and Guacamole Sandwich (advertised on the menu as Mozzerella, Tomato & Guacamole Sandwich, but available without the mozzerella). The Guacamole is made from a packet mix, and doesn't taste of very much; it might be worth asking for extra. The bread comes in white or wholemeal, and the slices are very thick; surprisingly for a pub sandwich, the wholemeal bread is rather nice. A filling light meal for 񋠊5.

Penne Proven鏰l at 񋳹0 is vegetarian, and contains no cheese, but the staff couldn't guarantee that the pasta contained no eggs. None of the menu items containing cheese are labelled as vegetarian, since the cheese used may contain animal-derived rennet. It's encouraging to see that food outlets are beginning to notice that this is unacceptable to most vegetarians.

Chips are 񊸵0, and a side salad is 񊸴5; both are potentially vegan, but I haven't checked.

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