Taylors Delicatessen

  • St Giles
  • Something like 8:30am-6:30pm

Kake, 4 Apr 2001

Taylors is a delicatessen on the corner of [St Giles]? and Little Clarendon Street. They have a range of pasties and things, some of which are vegetarian, but none can be guaranteed to be vegan. They have nice hummous, though, and a range of olives, plus things like semi-dried tomatoes, sweet and sour roasted peppers, roasted aubergines, artichoke hearts, and other deli-like things, sold by weight.

They do sandwiches from about 9am till around 5pm - the choice of breads includes ciabatta, baguette, bagel, sandwich bread and granary torpedo, and the vegan fillings available are hummous, avocado and mixed salad. They have some pre-made sandwiches from mid-morning, but I've not seen any vegan ones. Most sandwiches are made on demand, so you can have pretty much exactly what you want, including things like red onion, black olives, mustards and sauces, but the queues do get fairly long at peak time (12:30-2:30). The prices are also slightly high for what you get - they are a little mean with the fillings sometimes.

They also stock Fairtrade tropical wholefoods dried fruit.

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