Sofi De France

  • Covered Market

Kerry, 3 Jan 2004

I went here for lunch today. It was very crowded. I couldn't spot any baked potatoes on the menu but their Hummous and Roast Vegetable Baguette is very nice (£2.00 + 30p to eat in + 90p for peppermint tea).

Kake, 9 Apr 2001

This is a nice (but often crowded) little place in the Covered Market that does French-style sandwiches, plus a wide range of cold drinks and some fairly decent coffee. The Panini with Aubergine, Mozzarella and Basil (£2.50) can be made with fresh tomatoes, roasted peppers, or other ingredients substituted for the mozzarella, and is very nice. The aubergine is really good, and is prepared in olive oil, not butter. The basil is fresh leaves, not a preparation, and is fresh. A Hummous and Roast Vegetable Baguette is also available, as are Baked Potatoes with either Baked Beans (£1.90 takeaway/£2.30 eat-in) or Hummous and Salad (£2.30/£2.50).

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