Chiang Mai Kitchen

Hannah, 4 May 1998

Chiang Mai is a really really good Thai restaurant. The food is delicious and beautifully presented. They have a separate veggie menu. Most of the dishes on the veggie menu are vegan. The waiters were not able to tell me offhand what is vegan, but seemed happy to go and ask. There is no lack of choice for meat-eating friends either and by all accounts the non-veggie food is very good.

My companion and I had three courses each plus a bottle of wine between us which came to 42. This might seem expensive, but if your budget will stretch, it is worth every penny. It can be hard to find Chiang Mai Kitchen, down a little alley at the Carfax end of the High Street. It is really worth the effort, though. The atmosphere is classy and ideal for a group celebration or a romantic date. If you've never tried Thai food, you should come here for the experience. If you have, come anyway. You won't be disappointed.

Kake, 4 May 1998

I totally agree with Hannah (above); this is good. It's a really good idea to book your table, especially for dinner, though I've had lunch here without booking once or twice. Don't be seduced by the idea of delicious tasty aubergine in your meal though; what they mean by aubergine is a small pea-like vegetable that's full of seeds. As an aubergine fanatic I feel this warning is important.

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