Caffe Uno

Laura, 2 Feb 1999

Michael and I have been to Caffe Uno a few times. The first time we went, I asked about ingredients and the waitress said "Are you vegan?", and pointed out what I could have and suggested they could alter one dish. So that was reassuring! There's 2 vegan dishes, and one they can adapt, as well as salads and side dishes. I haven't asked what's in the pizza bases yet, but if they're ok then they're made to order with whatever toppings you want. I'm not sure about the wine. It's quick, pleasant and relatively inexpensive.

Kake, 2 Feb 1999

A member of staff tells me that the pizza bases contain no dairy products or eggs. I ordered a pizza without cheese, and the tomato sauce was spread so thinly that in places you could see the dough through it, and it had burned. It would be worth asking for extra sauce, and explaining why. The pizzas are really big, and pretty cheap (I think about £6 for a basic one). The wine is overpriced.

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