Bella Pasta (Abingdon)

Unlike the one in Oxford, the staff here are not friendly and do not take kindly to being asked to alter their menus. All of the pizzas are cheese based, and so salads are basically all there is. On a good day some friendly worker may be willing to provide something minus the mozzerella, but personally, I wouldn't bother.


Is there a branch of bella pasta in Abingdon?

There's not a Bella Pasta in Abingdon. There is Bella Napoli, but I just went there last week to enquire about vegan option and was disappointed. They stated that none of the pasta is egg free. They then suggested that we could have some grilled steak or chicken, since that doesn't have egg. (I explained again about vegans not eating meat).

I have been a vegan for many years and i found the bella napoli and there staff very good. They did the food for me as i asked them to. will go there again.

Just down the street (Bath Street), there is Don Giovanni, which had several options that could be made vegan. They were also quite informative. Our dinner was good, not great, but the service and assistance went a long way.

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