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Footnotes [1] are used by writers [2] to add further detail to their prose [3] or to point to a source of reference [4]. Sometimes the use of footnotes [5] can reach a ridiculous level [6,7]. Often a reader will turn over a new page and, seeing footnotes [8] at the bottom, will read these before arriving at the point in the text where the footnote [9] has its effect.

Of course it is possible to write an entire paragraph which details an idea or argument which is contained only within that paragraph; this makes footnotes [10] unnecessary [11].

[1] These things down here.
[2] And, as rumour has it, authors as well.
[3] Or, if pressed, their poetry.
[4] For instance, the Oxford Compendium of Footnotes, Asterisked Passages and other Literary Get-Outs.
[5] See [1].
[6] Where the main body of the writing appears at the bottom of the page. In cases like this it becomes very hard to follow the flow of ideas from the author.
[7] If you see a passage like this, you are best advised to place your finger on the part of the page that you were redirected from, so as to more easily locate it after reading all the footnotes [1,5].
[8] See [1],[5] and [7].
[9] See [1],[5],[8] also [7].
[10] See [1],[5],[7],[8] and [9].
[11] But where would be the fun in that.

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